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How to Curb Your Salt Cravings?


If you’re constantly reaching for chips/ salty snacks  throughout the day, you’re probably eating a lot more salt than you think. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the recommended daily allowance for adults is less than 2,300 milligrams — about a teaspoon of table salt. Yes, that little. So why are you eating so much? Often there’s a reason you’re craving it, and understanding why and how to “say no” is the first step to cutting back.

1. Understand your triggers.
Jot down every time you reach for something salty and look for emerging patterns. Are you bored? Did you just finish an intense workout?

Reasons why you might want salt.

  • Salt is composed of sodium and chloride, both of which our bodies need to properly function. Surprisingly, some cravings might come as a result of trying to curb your salt consumption
  • other cravings  are tied to your emotions like excitement and stress
  • Last reason is Sweating. “After intense exercise or a sweltering day, you lose electrolytes,”Your body may crave something salty, signaling that it’s low in sodium.”
  • Salt cravings could also be associated with an underlying medical condition, its advisable to see your physician if symptoms persist.

2. Learn new habits.
Eating is a learned behavior,One way to stop your cravings is to simply reduce the amount that you consume. In as little as three weeks, a person can significantly reduce their threshold for salt, and even find that foods they previously craved now taste too salty. It’s an adaptation phenomenon that can help reprogram those cravings.” The next time you’re tempted to  order a side of fries/snacks, opt for something with less salt. Eventually you’ll learn to crave the food less.

3. Swap salt for new foods/less portion.
Counteract limiting your salt by increasing other flavors in your diet. Adding herbs and spices. Just make sure to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way. If you’re craving something salty, then stick to just less portion.

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