Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

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Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

If you are currently taking weight loss pills, or are even considering taking them, then you should be aware of weight loss pills side effects.  While some side effects may seem minor and worth the risk, some side effects are very dangerous and can even be deadly.

Natural Weight Loss Pills Side Effects

At the very least, you must consider that most natural weight loss pills are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.  What this means is that the long term effects are virtually unknown.  It also means that these types of pills have not gone through any type of research testing.  Although natural diet pills might seem like the safer alternative because they are ‘natural,’ that is not the case.

Natural herbal diet pills carry much the same risk as prescription or other diet pills do.  In fact, some can even be more dangerous.  For instance, you have probably heard of ephedra (ma huang).  Ephedra was actually banned from the market because of the horrible side effects that users experienced and the cases of death.  Yet, you can still get ephedra in tea products and on the internet.

Other side effects of natural weight loss pills can be:

  • increased heart rate
  • undesirable interactions with prescription drugs you are taking
  • insomnia
  • stomach irritation
  • nervousness or irritability



Prescription Weight Loss Pills Side Effects

Prescription diet pills, although safer because they are FDA approved, can and often do, carry some of the same risks and side effects. Most prescription diet pills are appetite suppressants, or fat absorbers and blockers, and are prescribed as a last effort when nothing else has worked.

Some of the side effects are related to amphetamines, which means they are highly addictive and must be monitored by a doctor.  They can:

  • increase blood pressure
  • cause dry mouth
  • cause constipation
  • cause insomnia

Over the Counter Diet Pills Side Effects

The most dangerous of diet pills are the over-the-counter types. Some of the side effects to be aware of are:

  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • heart irregularities
  • high blood pressure
  • stomach irritation
  • nervousness
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • addiction

There are literally hundreds in this category, and they are not regulated at all.  This means you really do not know what you are getting when you buy these pills.  Many of the companies make false claims that are too good to be true and carry huge risks!

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