When you hear the term ‘Smoothie diet’, the first thought that pops in the mind is that it’s all about consuming smoothies while avoiding real food, right? Let’s look at the PROs and CONs of a smoothie diet
• What you ought to know about smoothie?
• Benefits of a smoothie diet!
• The negative effects of a smoothie diet!
• Who should follow a smoothie diet?
• Who should not follow a smoothie diet?
What you ought to know about smoothie diet?
It is a healthy way of dieting provided the ingredients used are fresh and chosen wisely in terms of carbs and fat content; also smoothies are part of a otherwise healthy eating pattern and when *ONE IS NOT LIVING ON JUST THEM*!

What are the benefits of smoothie diet?
There are many benefits attached to this kind of diet like this allows a person to have a variety of fresh fruits, with added positives of dry fruits, nuts yoghurts etc, it’s easy to make and is wholesome meal in itself. Because it is liquid in form it tends to fill up the stomach easily thus reducing the urge to consume large meals.”

What are the negative effects of a smoothie diet?
With most diets there are side effects and exceptions, so is the case with a smoothie diet – Nutritionists explains these negative effects, One can sometimes go overboard with smoothie making by adding whipped creams and different kinds of sauces in the need to make it different and tastier. This may actually lead to negative effects rather than any positives. Other negative to it may be when people go extreme and have only smoothies all day long leading to imbalance in the diet.”

Who should follow a smoothie diet?
Anyone with no medical conditions and trying to lose weight can follow the diet but cautiously. Start slow first and then alter your lifestyle as that is the key to a healthy living. Simply put, following this for couple of weeks to boost the weight loss is great but one should not be following it too long.

Who should NOT follow a smoothie diet?
A smoothie diet should be followed with care, especially for certain people. People with any underlying medical condition such as insulin resistance and diabetes should avoid this diet as the processed fruit usually spikes the sugar in the body quickly and that is not advisable for these patients.

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