work-services-bgYou need to have variable changes throughout your workouts, to keep your body on its toes, and keep your mind interested in the process.

tips on how to stay on course; and thrive in your training program:

Choose activities that suit you. A workout plan tailored to suit your interests, lifestyle, time constraints, budget and physical condition. Most important, find something you enjoy doing or look forward to.

Choose the best time to exercise. Look for realistic blocks of time when you can commit to workout. You are less likely to stick to your program if you choose to exercise before work and you are not a morning person.

Set a long term goal, and small realistic goals. Start with a shorter term goal. For instance, set long term goal of walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Start with at least 15 minutes 3 days a week. As you build on your fitness, gradually add an extra day and an extra day per week then steadily extend your walk by 5 minutes at a time until you reach your goal.

Keep an exercise Journal. Monitoring the amount of activity you get each day will help to make you more accountable. In months, it will be interesting to look back where you began and achievements accomplished.

• Try using a pedometer. Pedometers (steps counter) are affordable and easy to use. They help you keep track of how active you are, the calories you’ve burned. Build up to 10,000 or more steps a day.

Make it Fun. Try a new routine or sport. Mix up your activities and time spent on each: brisk walks one day, water aerobics or swimming the next day, cycling the next, use the weights in the next. Choose a combination that works for you. The more you enjoy working out, the more likely you are to stick to your plan.

Participate in Fitness challenges. Try targeting upcoming events such as a charity walk or run, marathons, hill climbing. Participating in these activities can help keep you motivated to go out for your workouts.

Make it a social activity. Working out with friends, your spouse or family can help keep you motivated. Join a running club/group, water aerobics, adult soccer league, volleyball team or a dancing class.

Reward Yourself. Rewarding yourself for reaching an exercise goal is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Choose fitness focused rewards for reaching your goals, such as new workout gear, a new pair of shoes or a dinner out.

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