Workout Smoothies

Before we get down to making the workout smoothies work for us, let’s take a moment to reflect on some sound advice about nutrition and exercise.

  1. Plan and prepare your smoothies in relation to amount of exercise you intend to do.Bear in mind that high-intensity training will require more calories than a gentle walk, and don’t confuse the smoothies requirements.
  2. Get to know how your body regulates blood sugar,and if in doubt chat to a nutritionist or your doctor. Essentially you need to know how long you can last during a workout before ‘hitting the wall.”- that point at which your stores of gylcogen in the liver and muscles are depleted
  3. Be clear about your fitness goals. For example, do you want to build muscle or loseweight? As johns Hopkins nutritionist Joshua Nachman has said,’A 500 calorie smoothies after an hour of weight training is fine if you’re trying to build muscle, but not if you’re trying to lose weight                                                 Now you can get to work on those workout smoothies!

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